PIA Forms Center for Technology and Research

PITTSBURGH—January 20, 2009—As part of the transition from PIA/GATF to Printing Industries of America, the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) has been renamed the Center for Technology and Research. For over fifty years, GATF provided the printing industry with professional, unbiased, third-party testing and information and will continue to do so through this Center.

“We are rebranding the technology and research arm of Printing Industries of America to eliminate confusion in the marketplace. We want our members to think of the Center for Technology and Research as their one resource for information on cutting-edge technology, research, and consulting services,” says Michael Makin, President & CEO, Printing Industries of America.

Printing Industries of America’s Center for Technology and Research offers the same products and services the industry has come to rely upon receiving via GATF, including:

Laboratory Services: Conflict resolution, print quality analysis, and materials testing. Customers use this expertise to resolve disagreements, evaluate materials, troubleshoot projects, and save in wasted downtime and consumables by making sure the same mistakes aren’t repeated.

Private/Contract Research: On-press testing in Printing Industries of America’s state-of-the art printing and binding facility. Services like custom research, materials testing, and problem replication assist manufacturers and printers with product assessment and benchmarking, and help printers achieve consistent quality.

Public/Industry Research: Reports, magazine articles, conference and workshop presentations, and online resources. The Center for Technology and Research tests and analyzes processes, materials and equipment; surveys the industry, and communicates this information to the public, often releasing their findings free to members.

Environmental, Health, and Safety: The Center for Technology and Research offers resources and assistance on EH&S and sustainability issues related to the printing industry. The Center’s experts help printers and manufacturers with disaster planning, OSHA issues, the latest environmental regulations, and implementation of sustainability processes.

Training and Education: Technical training is offered in a variety of formats, including conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia, and webinars. Technical topics range from lean manufacturing and color management to digital printing and pressroom issues, plus much more.

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