Globalsoft Digital Solutions: Digitally, Very Photogenic

GlobalSoft Digital Solutions team members remain busy in the photo book “clean room” production operations department.

The layout of GlobalSoft’s digital press fleet was determined by lean manufacturing principles.

Pat Meredith, VP of manufacturing (left), reviews press sheets with DP manager Rick Lidestri.

Digitally produced books are inspected by quality control workers at GlobalSoft.

One of the ways to ascertain the value of a printing company is to locate the heart of its value proposition. The executives of GlobalSoft Digital Solutions will simply point to the fact that their firm has been a digital printing operation since Day One. In a sense, it’s a very compelling argument.

Sure, the partnership trio of Chris Petro, Arthur Manzo and Russ Comito have a combined 40-plus years of digital printing experience. And, much like digital printing itself, the Mahwah, NJ-based company continues to morph as the nature of the technology evolves. But, perhaps the truth behind GlobalSoft’s value goes a bit deeper.

GlobalSoft has a vested interest in the future of digital printing, which seems like an obvious conclusion. And, its commitment levels are nearly unparalleled. From investments in new technologies, the willingness to venture boldly into new product and service sectors, and the depth of its bonds with equipment suppliers, along with a dedication to education, lean manufacturing and process improvement, GlobalSoft has wagered all of its chips on the future of digital printing and integrated marketing. It seems a safe bet.

“We’ve always looked for what is on the cusp that we can offer our clients—what’s the next greatest thing as opposed to just what’s trendy now,” says Manzo, GlobalSoft COO. “How do we perfect that? That’s a mantra that never really changes.

“Our development team has been a terrific differentiator, along with our mindset, forward thinking and experience in the market for 10 years as a digital printer,” he adds. “The fact that we’ve always been a digital print provider and utilized technology-specific solutions ensures our future growth. It helps to set us apart.”

Founded in 1999, the firm—like digital printing—has endured numerous changes in a short period. Digital offset printing, variable data personalization, Web-to-print applications and wide-format digital printing capabilities helped elevate GlobalSoft in the digital space, serving clients in verticals such as financial services, automotive, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.

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  • Jim Albany

    Way to go Chris. You have done what I attempted to do in Denver but much more sucessfully. Congratulations & best of luck to Globalsoft!