Phoenix Press: Little Wind Goes Long Way

Two workers secure the rotor/blade assembly to complete the wind turbine.

Standing by their wind turbine are (from the left): Lynn Jasaitis-Mathis, general manager; Troy Jasaitis, print/mail consultant; Maureen Driscoll-Holden, accounting; Kevin Driscoll Jr., print/mail consultant; Kevin Driscoll Sr., owner; Jason Driscoll, vice president, sales; Brian Driscoll, owner; and Alaina Driscoll, designer/Webmaster.

The new turbine is estimated to provide one-third of Phoenix’s energy requirements over a yearly basis, saving the printer around $35,000 in annual utility costs. It can produce electricity with wind speeds as low as six miles per hour, and as high as 55 mph, before its automatic brake system slows the blades. The clean energy generated in the nacelle at the top of the tower runs through a trench directly into the company’s building through a series of cables and wires.

The wind turbine also comes equipped with a “smart view” system that stores data such as wind speed, wind direction, power output and other valuable information.

“The use of alternative energy has long been Brian’s goal for the company,” Kevin Driscoll explains. “He has spent a considerable amount of time researching and speaking with experts in the field to make his vision possible.”

The shop is now moving forward with its “Wind to Print” campaign to help promote its use of the wind energy that will power its presses, bindery and mailing equipment. “With the new Wind to Print brand, our customers can now show their commitment to environmental sustainability via our free branding logos,” explains Lynn Mathis, Phoenix Press’ general manager. “It will also emphasize our true commitment to doing all we can for the environment.”

A Morale Booster

Having accomplished this major goal, the wind turbine has already generated excitement among the staff at Phoenix Press. “It’s really created a sense of accomplishment and pride throughout our company,” Kevin Driscoll notes. “Everyone feels we’re taking an active step in showing our children and grandchildren that responsibility toward our planet is not only possible but, more importantly, necessary.”

Founded by the Driscolls and another brother, Tony Jasaitis (who has since retired), both brothers recall the days when Phoenix Press operated with just two ABDick presses, a paper plate maker, a 
folder and a paper cutter. The brothers ran operations out of Kevin’s garage at first, then later moved into their current facility, which they have significantly expanded over the years.

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