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Borgata Wins Repeat Revenue

[The Business Objective]

When visitors come to the luxurious Borgata Hotel ( in Atlantic City, NJ, they spend money in the hotel, the casino and the spa. In return, guests leave with memorable experiences and, since 2003, a targeted mailing campaign has helped the hotel capitalize on these memories to encourage repeat visits and drive more revenue.

With its 2,000 guest rooms, 125,000 square feet of gaming area, 11 restaurants, boutiques, a spa and event space, the Borgata is an impressive property. Still, the elegant facility competes with many other casinos and hotels in Atlantic City, and Borgata managers want to encourage customers to return to their facility.

When approached by print provider/agency Vestcom International ( about a variable data digital printing marketing campaign, Borgata executives were receptive. Vestcom provides general marketing, e-marketing and retail marketing and communication services, along with database management, data processing, printing, mailing, fulfillment and distribution.

[The Proposed Solution]

A key component of a successful targeted campaign is relevant information to populate personalized mailings, and the Borgata was already capturing this through their loyalty card program. Tracking customers’ spending and gambling habits is a common practice in the gaming industry. In return, cardholders receive special offers from the Borgata.

A digital print marketing campaign called the Welcome Bounceback mailer was created to take advantage of the Borgata loyalty card program data.

[Variable Data Elements]

Joe Mislinski, CIO of Vestcom, notes that the gaming industry is much more sophisticated than many markets in its use of variable data marketing. “They’ve been tracking their customers for years,” he says.

Consequently, the data acquisition and tracking tools used by the gaming industry are comprehensive and robust, and Vestcom extracts data from the Borgata’s systems for the Welcome Bounceback campaign.

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