[Variable Data Elements]

Each new statement was personalized with a listing of the employee’s current insurance selections. It also included information about upcoming changes in benefits choices, which vary depending on the associate’s position and division within PFG. This summary gave each recipient a convenient guide for analyzing their specific options. Information presentation was simplified because it only needed to cover benefits relevant to that employee.

The statement was further personalized in other ways meaningful to each individual recipient. Content was written in either Spanish or English, depending on the associate’s language preference. A personalized letter from the appropriate division CEO was included, along with the employee’s specific benefit selections by category, making all included information relevant to the recipient.

[How It Was Produced]

Worth, Higgins & Associates (, a commercial printer in Richmond, VA, handled production of the benefits documents. Its digital print division, Worth Digital, produces variable data and short-run color printing—exactly what was needed for the PFG assignment.

The materials were produced using an HP Ultrastream 3000 along with a combination of software: Lawson Human Resources Suite, Microsoft Access and Excel, and HP Yours Truly Designer. Finishing equipment included a 45˝ knife with scoring using Heidelberg Polar equipment, and a Muller Martini saddlestitcher. Statements were folded using a Stahl TD78 folder and inserted into window envelopes, then mailed either directly to the employee or to the operating company for distribution.

Production workflow was driven by PPML, the Personalized Print Markup Language. PPML is a non-proprietary, industry-standard page definition language for digital print. This emerging standard helps print operations like Worth Digital achieve more effective workflow by enabling the widespread use of personalized print applications in high volumes. It allows personalized print flow to be more flexible, easier to use and more affordable to produce.

It supports a full range of on-demand printing, ranging from the office environment to high-speed production environments.

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