PERRY JUDD’S — Standing Out From the Crowd

Mountains of Magazines

Perry Judd’s offers state-of-the-art capabilities for short-, medium- and long-run magazines across the full range of publishing, from weeklies to monthlies and bi-monthlies—both subscription and newsstand—for the business-to-business, consumer and trade and religious markets.

Its catalog printing and distribution work—also encompassing all volume sizes for consumer and business-to-business segments—accounts for slightly less than a third of its revenues.

The company, owned by The Milhous Group of Boca Raton, FL, was created by the 1997 merger of Perry Graphic Communications and Judd’s Inc., as well as the 1999 acquisition of Heartland Press. The transactions’ primary goals were to strengthen all three businesses through a number of strategic initiatives. They include:

* Economies of scale. Material cost savings and reductions in various services the company purchases along the supply chain provide greater leverage in maintaining competitive pricing.

* Greater variety of product offerings. Between the Strasburg, VA, Spencer, IA, and Waterloo, WI, facilities, Perry Judd’s now enjoys three dedicated publication printing plants. The addition of the Spencer and Strasburg operations also brought increased special-interest magazine production capabilities.

* Location. In acquiring a mid-Atlantic company in Strasburg, VA, and another Midwestern facility in Spencer, IA, the company was better positioned to keep ever-increasing distribution costs in check and address issues of on-time delivery.

* Increased sales presence. While Perry Graphic Communications enjoyed good penetration in the Midwest and Southwest, Judd’s brought customers located in New York and the mid-Atlantic states to the table.

The fruits of the merger were put through the blender last year as Perry Judd’s and the entire U.S. economy faced its longest economic drought in 10 years. The magazine publishing industry absorbed a particularly tough stretch, including some of the field’s biggest players, as declining ad pages led to thinner folios. Perry Judd’s has endured the tough times by keeping a rein on all the factors in its control.

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