Mimeo.com Opens Tech Platform to Third Parties

NEW YORK—Online printing and distribution specialist Mimeo.com announced that it has opened its technology platform so that third parties can share Mimeo’s solutions with their own customers or employees.

The new program makes it possible for partners to leverage any part of Mimeo.com’s front-end applications and its production workflow, printing and distribution capabilities. It expects four groups to potentially to take advantage of the open platform:

• Channel partners who can now rebrand Mimeo.com’s front-end online solutions as their own in order to expand products offered without having to invest in software or digital print infrastructure.

• Retailers who are interested in utilizing Mimeo’s three digital print centers, advanced color capabilities, warehouses and overnight distribution centers in order to support their print needs or to overcome capacity constraints.

• Enterprise customers who would like to add a virtual component to their current print environment as a way to lower costs while improving organizational capabilities.

• Entrepreneurs and developers who are looking for new ways to monetize content with printed products such as presentations, reports, manuals, sales collateral, posters and photo products.