UPM to Close Its Myllykoski Paper Mill

• €1.5 million will be invested in training, focusing on re-employment.

• Those losing their jobs will be encouraged to become entrepreneurs and will be offered a business start-up allowance. A total of €1 million will be set aside for this purpose. The allowance per business is usually €20,000. €30,000 is the maximum amount that can be obtained, depending on how many people are employed by the business.

• People who move to a new location for their new job will receive a moving allowance and their moving costs will be reimbursed until the end of 2013. UPM will now also offer this support to former employees who are not employed by UPM.

• UPM will provide support for temporary housing and travel due to relocation for a new job, with a total of €1 million reserved for this purpose. Support can be obtained until the end of 2013. Support will also be given if former UPM employees are employed by a company with which UPM has signed a cooperation agreement. Such companies include the SOK service centre in Renforsin Ranta Business Area, Kajaani and the Transtech Oy plant in Otanmäki.

• UPM’s re-employment obligation will be extended from the statutory 9 months to 15 months.

UPM will also offer its employees an external employment service in addition to the public services offered by the Employment and Economic Development Office. The Employment and Economic Development Office has had a service point at the Myllykoski mill since September. The collaboration between UPM, the City of Kouvola, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, and the Employment and Economic Development Office has been excellent.

UPM to support the creation of replacement jobs in the Kouvola area

UPM, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the City of Kouvola are looking for a new industrial player to occupy the Myllykoski mill. Fields being looked into include bioenergy and the chemicals industry.

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