Continuous-feed Inkjet: Paper Plays a Starring ‘Roll’

2012 Continuous-Feed Color Inkjet Placements in Western Europe and the United States.

High-Speed Color Printer Placements Are Rising

For transactional printing and certain book applications, numerous success stories demonstrate that the promise has been met. Some applications are suitable for uncoated papers, either with or without inkjet treatment. But, for applications with more color and high-quality graphics, print customers often want coated papers. NewPage Corp., Appleton Coated LLC, Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM) and Resolute Forest Products have developed coated inkjet papers in conjunction with press manufacturers (OEMs) and continue to refine and improve their inkjet coated paper offerings.

NewPage TrueJet was developed for the Kodak Prosper press, is recognized for use on HP T-series presses without a bonding agent and also works well on Canon (Océ) engines. According to Dennis Essary, NewPage director of digital papers, “A patent-pending formulation allows the water to absorb into the paper while keeping ink on the surface, and provides offset-like quality.” Essary adds that TrueJet is an optical match for Sterling Ultra, and is available in 80# and 100# gloss text, plus 7-pt. and 9-pt. gloss cover, both of which meet postal requirements. Earlier this year, NewPage also introduced TrueJet Book 45#, which has been “accepted well into the marketplace.” Essary notes that NewPage is looking at developing additional finishes and basis weights, e.g., dull and matte, as market needs evolve.

In addition, TrueJet Hybrid has found a home with the Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 with pigment inks and extended dryers. “We continue to grow and expand the customer base and focus on customer needs as the market continues to develop,” Essary says. “TrueJet is readily available and is running on all the machines.”

At Appleton Coated, the initial focus has been on books. Ann Whalen, senior vice president, advises that Appleton Coated “has now developed a book inkjet product, Utopia Book PE, which works in piezoelectric inkjet with modified dryers and has expanded its gloss line down to 60# text and to 9-pt. cover.” Utopia Inkjet, with gloss, dull and matte finishes, was developed with HP and optimized for the HP T-series. Whalen notes that “Appleton Coated is the leading supplier of coated products for the HP T-series presses.”

Jack Miller is founder and Principal Consultant at Market-Intell LLC, offering Need to Know™ market intelligence in paper, print and packaging. Previously, he was senior consultant, North America, with Pira International.

Known as the Paper Guru, Jack is the former director of Market Intelligence with Domtar, where he also held positions as regional sales manager, territory sales manager and product manager. He has presented at On Demand, RISI’s Global Outlook, PRIMIR, SustainCom World and at various IntertechPira conferences. Jack has written for Printing Impressions, Canadian Printer, Paper 360, PaperTree Letter and Package Printing, along with publishing a monthly e-newsletter, MarketIntellibits.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from The College of the Holy Cross and has done graduate studies in Statistics and Finance.

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