Paper Expert Releases Free eBook to Refute Common Paper Myths

PALO ALTO, CA—March 4, 2009—If there was a vaccine for misinformation about buying and specifying paper, Sabine Lenz’ free eBook “Top Five Paper Myths Exposed” would be the first step in eradicating what appears to be an ongoing epidemic of paper falsehoods.

“I love to attend conferences and seminars because I believe I can always learn something new,” said Lenz, internationally recognized paper expert, designer, author and speaker. “But when I stopped by a session on paper last week, I was amazed that so many of the falsehoods I’ve been trying to expose for the last six years are still circulating out there like a bad flu bug.”

False: Brightness, whiteness and shade are all basically the same thing.

False: No one specifies paper by grade any more.

False: All you need to know about paper and sustainability can fit on a Post-it note.

Realizing that there are many people succumbing to these kinds of paper myths, Lenz decided to make her eBook “Five Top Paper Myths Exposed” available to all designers, print buyers and printers free of charge.

Get the Inside Scoop on:

• How to determine if a No. 1 sheet is really better than a No. 2
• What it really means when a paper is a mill item
• Whether an ECF sheet is as good as a PCF or a TCF sheet
• How to determine if a plain “recycled” sheet is good enough
• The crucial distinction between a paper’s brightness, whiteness and shade

Anyone who really needs to know the truth about buying and specifying paper can benefit through Lenz’s professional experience, proven tips and invaluable insight. Armed with the right information, you can save time and money on your next print project and begin to address those increasingly important sustainability goals.

“I’m more determined than ever to get the paper facts out there,” said Lenz. “You can expect to see many more articles at PaperSpecs and possibly a sequel to this eBook.”

Download “Five Top Paper Myths Exposed” free of charge at

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