Paper Cutters–Slicing Through the Competition

“A quality cutter is only as good as the accuracy of the cut it delivers,” he states. “Several factors influence cut accuracy. The knife carriage needs to be housed in a perfectly rigid frame to ensure consistent knife travel. Horizon cutters have a unibody cast frame for maximum rigidity and strength.

“The next factor is the means of powering the knife, to ensure that knife pressure can be maintained consistently,” he adds. “A mechanical knife system is inherently more accurate than a hydraulic system, which has the potential for slower knife speed and loss of power due to inconsistency of the hydraulic pressure. This, combined with maintaining a sharp cutting edge and sufficient clamping pressure, are the keys to cut accuracy.”

Ty Adams, product manager for finishing systems at MAN Roland, believes that user-friendly controls and dependable computerization highlight the wants and needs of his company’s customers. He feels it is important that the bindery operation is able to move product consistently through the system and sees more cutters being designed to work in-line with other pieces of equipment throughout the printing operation.

“Customers are moving toward more computerized operations and digitally linked systems,” Adams says. “This is impacting cutter manufacturers, because they need to be able to communicate with these digitally linked systems.”

Safety First
In terms of operational ease, Adams notes that many of his customers are in the short-run market and require cutters that have a large storage capacity and quick-changeover ability within the program. In response, MAN Roland is promoting “flowline”systems, the combination of its Wohlenberg guillotine cutters and Baumann paper handling equipment.

Most manufacturers/distributors agree that operator safety is a main concern on both sides of the sales floor. Mark Pellman, sales engineer for Baumfolder—which markets the 26.4—notes that all safety features, such as infrared light beams, are now standard on virtually all Baumfolder cutters. They also meet CE specifications, the latter of which are in the process of being revisited.

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