PAPER CUTTERS — Cutting No Corners

“A related trend that I see in the bindery is the issue of CIP3/CIP4 compatibility, which enables the cutter to be programmed automatically from prepress or MIS data. That speeds setup, reduces the chance of operator error and plugs the bindery into all of the advantages of computer-integrated manufacturing,” Adams points out.

There are many ways to safely speed the cutting process, confirms Heidelberg’s Rob Kuehl, marketing director of Polar cutting systems. Polar cutters, distributed by Heidelberg, can be purchased with numerous options, including stacklifts to bring the material to the most convenient working height for better ergonomics; easier material preparation with the addition of a jogger; determination of quantity with a weighing scale (chipmarker); and by cutting with the most efficient handling equipment (gripper, turning gripper).

“We are selling more peripherals to help with productivity and ergonomics. These include stacklifts, joggers, loaders and unloaders,” confirms Brett Stowe, managing director of Perfecta-USA. “We have had more customers asking about our swivel backgauge. This allows them to swivel the backgauge via the computer for out-of-square printed sheets.”

Adams, of MAN Roland, distributor of Wohlenberg cutters, informs that units can be ordered with a standard front loading knife change device, automatic waste removal system and an auto clamp stop function that allows the clamp to move just a fraction of an inch off the stock after making the cut.

“The backgauge then moves forward and positions the stock for the next cut, and the clamp goes down for full pressure and makes the next cut,” he explains. “The idea is that because the clamp does not have to travel the total distance back to the top of the knife beam, it actually increases the cutting cycle speed of the cutter.”

Seeking Automation

Automation and programming are part of an industry-wide trend to simplify setup and operation of finishing equipment, says Don Dubuque, product manager for Standard Finishing Systems.

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