Paper-based ‘Printing Dress’ from Microsoft Featured at Bloomingdale’s

Made of paper and integrated electronics, Microsoft Research Printing Dress is a real-time twitter display.

NEW YORK—Sept. 7, 2012—With high tech playing an increasingly significant role in our lives, it was only a matter of time before technology became a big part of our decisions about style. At the fall Fashion Week in New York City, visitors to Bloomingdale’s are seeing a sampling of this trend, including the wearable printing dress from Microsoft Research, a new wave of retail experiences using Kinect for Windows, and Microsoft products that accentuate a wide variety of styles.

The Microsoft Research Printing Dress is an artistic installation that illustrates the wearable computing trend with integrated computer components sewn into a dress made almost entirely of paper. Utilizing an integrated projector, the dress showcases tweets in real time, transforming the skirt into a real-time twitter display.

Source: Microsoft.

  • Jackie Bland

    Dress for success!