Paparozzi and Schnoll to Headline EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK Conference at GRAPH EXPO 2010

RESTON, VA— June 28, 2010—The Graphic Arts Show Co. (GASC) has announced that Andy Paparozzi, NAPL’s Chief Economist, and Consultant Steven Schnoll will set the stage at the EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK Conference for the bevy of consultants, printers and suppliers who will probe the evolving business models and technologies that will enable print to compete in an e-centric world. EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK to be held on Saturday, October 2, the day before GRAPH EXPO opens will, according to its theme, focus on “The Challenge of Change in the New Era of Print.”

“A printer’s success in the new era of print will depend upon a complex mix of the state of a still-recovering economy, changing customer requirements, the extent that electronic alternatives impinge on print, and the printer’s ability to co-mingle print with e-alternatives in a multi-media environment. EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK will provide Conference attendees with information about the business and technology tools that are the keys to a printer’s success in the new era of print,” according to Conference Chair, Bill Lamparter, President of the PrintCom Consulting Group.

The new era of print will be shaped by two forces-economics and customer demands-that are beyond the control of printers and their suppliers. Prevailing and somewhat unstable economic conditions, and the new continuously changing requirements of print customers coping with a multi-media necessity to reach their target audiences, will characterize the new era of print environment.

“The first general session of the EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK Conference will come to grips with these two fundamental considerations,” Lamparter said. Well-known NAPL print economist Andy Paparozzi will discuss economic trends and their impact on print. He will be followed to the podium by Steven Schnoll, Managing Director of Schnoll Media Consulting who will focus on what is happening in the print marketplace and what printers must do to participate in the evolving new era environment and the vertical markets most likely to offer growth opportunities. Schnoll’s consulting practice currently focuses on assisting printers with a practical approach to participating in the market with media integrated services.