Packaging Graphics Offering Enhanced Scented Printing Capability

Rub’nSmell works this way: The scent is contained within thousands of microscopic urethane nanocapsules and activated when rubbed. The product has an unlimited life cycle that remains dormant until called into action. The capsules are set in a varnish stage of the print process, applied inline as a fifth color or coating. Transparent and non-obtrusive, they are usually applied over graphics in one of several print treatments: heat set and sheetfed overprint varnish; aqueous coating for offset; flexo and silkscreen applications; gravure overprint varnish or as a UV and EB overprint varnish.

Gilmartin oversees a unique, 300,000 square-foot facility with plenty of press capability. It includes a 40˝, custom-designed press that measures 127 feet long, prints up to 10 colors and has multiple coating units. He said customers are not limited to using just one scent per sheet.

“These capsules are so small, we have the capability to offer a combination of possibilities to customers. Because of their size, the cost to do something like this is less than traditional methods,” Gilmartin expalined. ”Having a scented varnish adds value and interest to plenty of products and printed promotional items. I would expect some companies to start breaking with tradition and applying it to everything from bookmarks, coupons, handouts and fliers to lottery tickets and scratch off game cards, as well as gift wrap.”

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