Owners of Minuteman Press Franchise in Norwalk, CT, Learn History of Printing in Italy

FARMINGDALE, NY—June 24, 2014—Greg and Valerie Duffey, owners of the Minuteman Press located in Norwalk, CT, recently visited Rome, where they were fortunate enough to learn the history of the world’s bestselling book, the Bible! The Duffey’s were in Rome for their son Shane’s graduation from the American University of Rome.

The Duffey’s were fortunate enough to visit a museum dedicated to the Bible, which had more than 200 rare Biblical texts and artifacts on display, including the Lunar Bible on microchip which traveled to the moon and back on Apollo 14 in 1971. Also on display was the “Wicked” Bible, which was published in 1631 by the royal printers in London. Meant to be a reprint of the King James Bible, they mistakenly left out the word “not” in the line, “thou shall not commit adultery.” The royal printers were later fined and had their printing license revoked! While at the museum, Valerie Duffey also had the opportunity to operate a working replica of a 15th century Gutenberg printing press.

In addition to being owners of a successful printing shop and parents to eight children, Greg and Valerie Duffey also belonging to several organizations, including Rotary, BNI and a local Chamber of Commerce. They are hoping to increase their staff this year, as well as adding equipment that will allow them to increase their efficiency. “Increasing sales is always at the forefront of what we do,” said Greg Duffey.

He notes that his favorite aspect of being a Minuteman Press owner is seeing the business grow over the past 11 years. “It’s a lot like raising a child. It takes a tremendous amount of work. It can keep you up at night and you never stop worrying, no matter how old the shop is. But the (financial) reward can be great. The financial rewards that I can share with my family are the highlights of ownership.” he continued. “Being a MMP owner can be satisfying on so many levels. It’s not that you get to be your own boss, as I have never had more bosses in my life with each new client that we add—but it has more to do with personal pride in building something and the ability to take it to different levels.”

The Minuteman Press home office, along with Regional Vice President Jim Galasso, relayed how excited they are to have such printing passionate owners in the Minuteman Press family, and look forward to following the Norwalk printer’s continued growth and success.

About Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press is a number one rated business service franchise. It is a complete marketing service provider that has helped businesses grow for over 40 years. Its business model offers services and products that every business needs for their daily operation, as well as their marketing and advertising efforts.

Source: Minuteman Press.

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