Owner of Gay Bar Says Print Shop Owners Refused to Make Flyers for His Business

For Mike Reis, an unfinished space on Capitol Hill is the rough beginning of a dream come true—a gay bar that will be called Diesel. To advertise his new venture, Reis contacted Access Printed Media in Kent (WA) to do his flyers.

The next day, he received an e-mail from the company that stated: “My boss has decided that we won’t be able to print for your bar…advertising and promoting the kind of lifestyle that goes against our morals is something that he can’t bring himself to do.”

The owners of Access Printed Media call this an unfortunate misunderstanding.

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Source: Q13 FOX News

  • Motordrive

    Why can’t you show or report what was blurred out? If you can’t show it, why should the printer?

  • Just Me
  • MIke

    That is awesome that they stood up for morality. Access Printed Media is in a class by themselves. If you can’t show the piece online here, then it must be pretty bad. I am seeing so many businesses getting bullied around, boycotted, brought to court, because they don’t get in line with this small group working hard to make the lifestyle mainstream. They are very much succeeding with the youth. Call me conservative and out of date or a bigot, but there must be some line in the sand we can put somewhere that stays in place!.

  • Jeff

    Does that mean a printer has to print porn if someone wants that? What a joke!