Henry Wurst Inc. Closing NC Facility

KANSAS CITY, MO—Henry Wurst Inc. will be closing its Apex, NC, facility, according to Triangle Business Journal. The move will cost 55 workers their jobs. Wurst anticipates ceasing most operations by Dec. 16. The company will then spend the next 60 days transitioning accounts to its Kansas City headquarters until February of 2012.

In a statement, Mark Hanf, president of Henry Wurst, explained that the Apex plant primarily provided work for local companies and was an overflow facility for its Kansas City operations. In recent years, Hanf said, market conditions made competing in the area no longer viable.

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    Mark Hanf said that the Apex plant was an overflow for Kansas City but, the truth be told they were taking our sales in the Apex plant and giving most of them to Kansas Plant. In a struggling economy times were tough but they shouldn’t have to lie about the Apex Plant being an overflow plant. People worked 30 plus years at the Apex plant and it was never said to any of us that we were and overflow plant until they wanted to shut the doors on us. Mark Hanf was nothing more than a class A jerk the entire time he visited the Apex plant. Never speaking to people and was not very friendly at all.