What You Can Expect from Printed Electronics in 2010

What IDTechEx expect in 2010
In 2010, IDTechEx expect an increasing range of demonstrator units to be made, showing a wide gambit of technologies. The best will incorporate two or more printed electronics technologies. These are key to showing to adopters what is possible and presenting ideas for adoption. More creative design will be involved, and the interest from end users that started in earnest in 2009 will continue to grow.

The industry needs to be careful of over promising and announcing product launches that are later delayed. IDTechEx see a huge opportunity to consolidate some of the key enabling technologies in one group as many new companies keep entering the field and the industry fragments. Most of the market will involve co-deposition of several components and some projects are delayed when lawyers argue about splitting IP and sharing profit. Another form of consolidation will be the product integrators licensing a wider range of IP to broaden their repertoire. Such key companies will be presenting at the annual IDTechEx investor summits, the next one to be held in Dresden, Germany on April 12. Investor interest will continue to grow reflecting the huge opportunity.

The start of 2010 will see a surge in e-readers, as many more become available, in larger, thinner and even flexible formats. More organizations will offer commercial OLED lighting panels, though mostly rigid and not printed. Those in transistor development should address the need to create key enabling building blocks so that many products for different industries can be created.

All of these issues are covered at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2010 event, to be held in Dresden, Germany on April 13-14 (www.IDTechEx.com/peEurope ). This is, by far, Europe’s largest event on the topic and the only to give you an impartial view as to the big picture, covering all relevant chemistries, production processes, devices and territories. Above all, IDTechEx events provide more end users than any other – discussing their needs and experiences, providing that vital “reality check” to those walking the exhibition to appraise the technology for their business.

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