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OPM’s Prosper 1000 inkjet press prints mass-market paperback books four-up at a top speed of 650 fpm.

Prosper Platform Makes Headway

LAFLIN, PA—Last month, arvato USA/Offset Paperback Manufacturers (OPM), part of the Arvato Print division of Bertelsmann AG, held an open house for select industry journalists in conjunction with Kodak. The crowd gathered to learn more about the Kodak Prosper 1000 (monochrome) and Prosper 5000XL (color) inkjet web book production systems, and to see live demonstrations at the company’s printing plant.

OPM has been running its Prosper 1000 since July, consistently producing books for sale in bookstores without a single reject. It now has the Prosper 5000XL set to produce offset-quality, color books for the next book season.

Mitch Weiss, vice president of sales at arvato, explained that the most important advantage of the Prosper Press platform is that it can deliver four-color printing in short runs. One machine has reportedly replaced three competitive digital presses. So far at OPM, the Prosper has produced about 400,000 books with an uptime of 75 percent, providing the capacity to produce between 4,800 to 6,000 books per shift. Target run lengths range from 500 to 3,000 books.

While OPM’s work is currently about 94 percent offset, Weiss envisions short-run jobs being produced digitally and the technology providing further opportunities for customized publications. He also foresees the Prosper platform enabling the company to enter into additional markets such as healthcare materials, education enrollment and journals.

Both the Prosper 1000 and 5000XL presses at OPM are used in conjunction with a Muller Martini SigmaLine in-line finishing system. The roll-fed inkjet webs offer a maximum 24.5˝ print width and run at up to 650 fpm, producing up to 120 million A4 impressions per duty cycle.

—Julie Greenbaum

Change Is Par for the Course

ORLANDO—Capitalizing on the unique setting afforded by the finale of the Kodak Challenge men’s professional golf contest, Kodak recently brought a group of customers, marketing executives and members of the media together for the 2010 Marketing Leadership Roundtable. The effectiveness of e-mail marketing and communications vs. the benefits of direct mail was a topic of extended discussion.

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