Open Letter to All Ipex Stakeholders

March 20, 2013

Dear Editor,

We are writing to you to clearly set out our position regarding Ipex 2014 and our plans for the future.

We all understand that print is experiencing some change—economic, technological, social and environmental. Events that represent print—such as Ipex—have to adapt and reflect those shifts.

When an event takes place every four years, that degree of change can appear dramatic. In fact, it’s simply that a cyclical event like this pulls together the incremental changes that happened over that time period and concentrates them into one experience.

Industries that are in flux have to re-evaluate themselves. They need to be brave and find the clarity to focus on what is valuable and should be developed. This is exactly what our customers and their customers are doing. The same goes for us as an event brand.

Ipex will take place in London in 2014. We stand firmly by our mission: to provide today’s printer and their customers with the ideas, insights and solutions to effectively promote the power of print and its integration in the marketing mix.

As always, we’re putting commercial printers right at the heart of Ipex. We surveyed more than 1,600 printers worldwide to ask them how Ipex could continue to be relevant to their needs. They told us:

  • We’re channelling major capital investment into digital and postpress, to complement what we have already.
  • We’re keen to embrace opportunities in new applications, especially packaging.
  • We want to understand more about how print works in multichannel marketing.
  • We need our customers to understand more about what print can do for them.

We’ve taken that research on board to shape our planning. We’re committed to delivering an event that will help printers from all over the world to adapt to these changes and build for the future. Ipex will be the only event in 2014 that brings together the whole international print supply chain to learn, network and do business.

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