Open House Opens Eyes

A MBO/H+H project study arrangement included the HSF/1020 folder for signature work, FP 1020/110 palletized feeder with Vaculift feeder head, MC-Control, VIVAS, a transport system with left/right plow fold, the #381/52 cutting unit with high-speed guide, a knife fold unit and SBAP 46ME delivery. Shown for extra-large-format finishing was the B44S/444 Perfection with a new palletized feeder featuring two suction drums in the lift and a new package delivery for ease of handling.

Attendees on the tour included Martin Anson, Bindagraphics, Baltimore; John Bandrofchak, McNaughton & Gunn, Saline, MI; Lonnie and Nancy Blackwell, Fisher Group, Cedar Rapids, IA; Richard Faith, Lynx Communication Group, Salem, OR; William Gaddy and Brian Clark, ADP, Edgewood, NJ; Aaron Greebel and Renee Riczker, AJ Images, Roselle, NJ; Ignacio and Maria Jessie Guzman, Hart Bindery, Los Angeles; and Mark Houseman, Source Link, Miamisburg, OH.

Also taking part were Steve Reuther and Sam Mauro, Tropical Printing, Sarasota, FL; Tom and Jodi McCoy, Malloy Inc., Ann Arbor, MI; Tom and Gloria Sexton, Sexton Printing, St. Paul, MN; Alan Swanson, Thomson Shore, Dexter, MI; Robert Michael Wing, St. Ives, Cleveland; Steven Wyant, Quebecor World/Petty Printing, Effingham, IL; Bert Young and Al Fraser, Day & Nite, San Francisco; and Robert Carl and Ruth Ann Schafer, Synergy Graphics, Fridley, MN.

While in Oppenweiler the guests stayed at a luxury hotel where the owners had purchased two large log cabins in Canada, meticulously disassembled them and transported them to Germany to be reassembled.

Following the open house, the attendees were then whisked off to visit the Bluehendes Barock castle in Ludwigsburg, the Daimler Benz (Mercedes) Museum in Stuttgart, as well as sightseeing in the Blackforest with ample oportunity to purchase the region’s infamous cuckoo clocks.

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