Onpoint On Demand to Distribute Symbio Workflow

PORTSMOUTH, NH—04/17/09—Objective Advantage, Inc. (OA) ceased operations on March 31, 2009. OA support is no longer available.

Onpoint On Demand (OPOD) has purchased a non-exclusive license to use, modify and distribute Symbio and has hired a former employee of OA to provide support to OPOD customers. OPOD did not purchase support contracts or other assets from OA. OPOD will not be offering support for former OA products other than Symbio.

If you are a Symbio support customer of Onpoint On Demand (OPOD), you will receive a response shortly. A new email address for OPOD Symbio support will be available soon.

If you are not yet a Symbio support customer of OPOD, please contact Jack Perry at jperry@onpointod.com to discuss Symbio support options.

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