Online Printing Company Seeks to Revolutionize the Business

(Editors note: This item is a press release distributed by Revelation and it is solely responsible for the content. We are sharing the release to provide market intelligence regarding competitive claims being made.)

BEAVERTON, OR—July 18, 2011—Revelation Print & Design aims to change the industry practice by simply charging up to 75 percent less for all printing and direct mail while using the same ink, paper and postage offered by competitors. The company is based in Oregon where there is no sales tax, so customers save money there also.

The online printer was started as an act of frustration by a business owner. Company CEO Bruce Brightman states, “Revelation was started because I was fed up paying such high prices for all of the printing and direct mail I was doing for all the companies I own. So I started my own printing and direct mail company to make them affordable. Printers have been overcharging for their services for years, but not any longer!”

Inflated fees have long been a source of additional revenue for many printers, Brightman claims. Many online printing companies lure customers in with super low advertised fees, only to charge “upgrade” material fees and shipping fees that include a “handling fee” that add to their profit margin, he says. These “surprise” charges are a standard business practice, so customers believe these fees are a legitimate cost of doing business.

Revelation Print & Design wants to end this industry practice by charging direct shipping costs, with customers paying only the exact fee charged by the shipping company, and no additional fees for industry-standard materials. This has the potential to bring a new transparency to how online printers charge for their services.

About Revelation Print & Design
Revelation Print & Design is part of Integrity First Companies, which also includes LifeSource Vitamins. Integrity First began over 20 years ago with a commitment to bringing Christ-centered values to business while offering products that make a positive difference in the lives of its customers. For more information about Revelation, visit

  • ???

    This is exactly what we need. Another printer cutting margins. Good luck!

  • Steve

    I would like to know what prices he is comparing himself to, because after seeing on his web site that 1000 #10 WW envelopes 1/0 black is $100, I want some of what he is smoking. His comment "Printers have been overcharging for their services for years, but not any longer!” is 100% total BS.

  • tired printer

    Just what the industry needs another Knight on a white horse to cut prices to save the printing industry. What this industry needs are for people to educate the "print buyer" to the phrase; The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!!!

  • bob

    I think i have heard all of this before; lets check back in a year, bob

  • mak

    I guess this just points out the ability to buy a site and call yourself a printer.

  • Really???

    This reminds me of the SNL Skit

    Printers have not been overcharging for years … Really?
    You are going to pass through shipping costs …. really?
    You think this is a money making strategy … really?
    You think listing your affiliation with Vitamins is important … really?

    I think this is a horrible use of a press release ….no really.

  • Xprt

    Seriously folks, tax savings? Is this strictly sub-contracted direct mail/ direct responce, or do they also pay for the shipping to me in FL on all those boxes of brochures. Those who sell "price" never win.

  • Joe

    Dandy. Let’s see how much money he can lose.

  • a fool for print

    A foolish printer is often separated from his money.
    A lawyer who has himself for a client, has a fool for a client. Substitute printer for lawyer!

  • bart

    I would like to know what Mr. Brightman’s other business are. Maybe I could start selling his stuff at no profit.

  • haha

    but he has a cross in his logo. He has to be legit!

  • tikibarman

    I’ll be buying his equipment soon on ebay.

  • printpro

    Look at his website and then look at website…it’s the same just a different name. He is a reseller, not a true hard working, honest print shop owner.

  • votedemout

    Let’s see, A man wears his cross on his sleeve, and the first customer mentioned on his web site is a Casino. What am I missing here. Also wasn’t it Ross Perot who had to educate folks on how percentages related to real dollars. I think it went something like this, if you add a dime to a dime you will have a 100% increase, whereas if you add a dime to a dollar you’ll have a 10% increase. Which would you rather have the dime or the dollar. Obviously most of his calculations surround small volume, gang run, business cards for those who are not to discriminating. Could this be a little bait and switch mentality, or just some smoke and mirror snake oil.

  • Itsoktoprint

    Notice how cleverly he says up to 75% off. And based on what price? Prices he has been charged? He probably is a client that requires high margins.
    Mr. Brightman will join a long list of "outsiders" who didn’t know the printer’s proverb: To make a small fortune in printing, you start with a large fortune.
    Just did some comparison shopping. LifeSource Vitamin C Chewable is $6.99 for 100 tablets. Kirkland Vitamin C 500 tabs are $19.08, or about 40% higher per tablet. Obviously LifeSource is ripping off their customers since there isn’t any quality difference between the two and I am now compelled to enter into the vitamin supplement business since no one should have to pay these, how did he put it, inflated fees.

  • Mike Payne

    I guess the old economic rules don’t apply. Again…

  • fedup with zoo

    Another example of trade printer selling at "75 percent less for all printing .. while using the same ink, paper and postage offered by" .. its other resellers. It is the same interface and same software and the same website (now with a cross) that the same trade printer has now been selling through for past two years. Take a look at where the website is hosted and connect all of the dots. You don’t printers to start lowering prices??!! don’t let trade printers go direct!