Mimeo Launches Retail Printing Alternative at EasyCopy.com

NEW YORK—Dec. 13, 2011—Mimeo.com announced the launch of EasyCopy.com, a new site that combines the latest online technologies and Mimeo’s super-efficient print production and distribution platform to offer an entirely new customer experience that solves many of the challenges often associated with retail print shops. The result is the easiest and most convenient way to order printed materials, including guaranteed next morning delivery for orders placed by 10 p.m. EST, online proofing and ordering, and superior quality.

“We found that many of the printing challenges faced by customers at local print/ship and office superstores can easily be solved with the combination of intuitive online tools and centralized print centers located at the largest distribution points,” said Adam Slutsky, Mimeo CEO. “With EasyCopy.com, customers simply select how they would like their project to look when printed. We’re sure that once visitors give it a try, they will become loyal customers.”

EasyCopy.com addresses many of the challenges associated with walk-in retail print centers. This includes the need to drive to the printer, frequent lack of stock in commonly used items such as binders, and no guarantee regarding delivery dates. With EasyCopy, customers simply go online, select a delivery date and place the order. EasyCopy.com also eliminates the need to describe how a project should look to a store employee since customers can instantly see a virtual proof that shows how a project will look when printed.

“There are many benefits of using a Web-based solution for copy and print services,” said Keith Miller, general manager, eCommerce. “Using the Internet, you never have to leave your office, with digital files moving seamlessly from the computer directly to our digital print and distribution centers. Our solution eliminates many common problems such as equipment breakdowns, inexperienced staff and limited store hours. We have hundreds of print professionals available 24/7 to make sure that projects are printed perfectly and that they meet promised delivery dates.”

EasyCopy.com will be powered by the Mimeo print production platform, which includes more than 200,000 square feet of print manufacturing capacity across three strategically located digital print and distribution centers. Projects are printed on the latest digital presses and inspected eight times to ensure that work received is always perfect.

To introduce the new service, EasyCopy.com is offering new customers 50 percent off on everything they print, making this the perfect time to order brochures and other items needed for the New Year.

About Mimeo.com
Mimeo.com is the innovator of online, on-demand cloud printing services. Over 4,000 companies rely on Mimeo’s award winning document management tools and print on demand solutions to lower document related costs while improving employee productivity. The company was founded in 1998 and operates digital print facilities in both the U.S. and the U.K. Investors include Draper Fisher Jurvetson, DFJ Gotham, Goldman Sachs (GS) Harbourvest and Hewlett Packard (HP).

Source: Mimeo.

  • webmaster

    Stange site.

  • What the

    Just tried to use this site and I want to smash my mouse.. you can’t get any binding you can’t get heavy stock if you can it just says hit F5 to start over, EASY ha.

  • print for life

    Another dagger in the Print for Pay retail market. Thank you HP for playing both sides of the game.

  • Love it!

    This is what I would call a breakthrough offering Iin terms of providing users with an easy to navigate and order interface. Great innovation. Love it!