4over4 Launches Line of Custom-Printed Puzzles

ASTORIA, NY—Oct 10, 2011—4over4 has recently launched a custom puzzle printing service that enables customers to transform their pictures and images into interactive puzzles that make a great gift for friends and family. On the business side, puzzles make good promotional gifts as well as eye-catching and one-of-a-kind marketing tools.

Puzzles are a unique and distinctive way to promote new products and services and when used for client or public relations, they create memorable impressions that strengthen business relationships. Puzzles are also very useful for a number of social and educational functions—they are a great substitute for save-the-date cards, they can serve as a fun classroom educational tool, they make wonderful holiday gifts and party favors, and they are ideal for public/customer relations because they are creative and will most likely be appreciated and remembered by the customer.

4over4 custom-printed puzzles are available in five sizes: 4×6″ (20-piece), 6×8″ (48-piece), 8×12″ (50-piece), 11×14″ (80-piece) and the 12×18″ (300-piece), with quantities of between 25 to 250 puzzle prints. 4over4 puzzles are printed in color on thick, durable jigsaw stock with a top-coat lamination applied. They arrive pre-assembled in a clear plastic bag with a cardstock backing, accompanied by a separate print of the puzzle image.

“Custom printed puzzles are a unique, creative and fun way to do a promotion or give a gift,” according to a company spokespers. “4over4 is all about innovation, and we are always rolling out new products to add value for our customers. Our custom printed puzzles are a real breakthrough printing solution because they are very affordable and can be a goldmine of ideas for the creative marketer or PR consultant.”

About 4over4.com
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Source: 4over4.