4over Receives Settlement from Suit Against Zoo Printing, Former Employees

GLENDALE, CA—Nov. 23, 2011—4 Over, Inc. announced that it recently resolved a long running lawsuit against a local Los Angeles-based printer, Zoo Printing, and two former 4over employees who worked at Zoo Printing. 4over’s suit asserted claims for trade secret misappropriation and unauthorized use of its customer database.

4over reportedly received a substantial monetary settlement and an acknowledgement that the customer database at issue was 4over’s confidential and trade-secret information. Zoo Printing, together with Eoncode Inc., an affiliated company, are also obligated to remove and destroy all copies of 4over’s customer database from their files. Michael St. Claire of Eoncode, a company established by Zoo’s President Danny Doran, was given a copy of the 4over customer data base by Zoo.

“Lawsuits are expensive, but sometimes you have to do what is right and protect your customers’ information. Trust, integrity and loyalty are important to 4over; our customers need to know that we will take action to protect their information,” commented 4over’s CEO Zarik Megerdichian.

The company filed its lawsuit when it learned that a former high-level and trusted employee had kept a CD with a copy of 4over’s customer database when he left the company. The ex-employee then gave the CD to Zoo Printing after he started working there.

Zoo, in turn, gave the list to St. Clair, who acts as Zoo Printing’s information technology specialist, to create a mailing list for Zoo to exploit. Using the mailing list, Zoo rolled out an e-mail marketing campaign soliciting print orders directly from the 4over customers on the list.

4over acknowledged that Zoo Printing continues to deny it did anything wrong.

About 4over
4over is North America’s largest trade only printer, and is committed to offering its customers innovative products and print solutions that enable them to compete in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. With facilities in seven states and Canada it has a footprint that enables it to offer a ground shipping time of two days to almost the entire lower 48 states.

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  • Print Lover

    I still haven’t figured out where trade only printing fits in the new print economy. Unless it isn’t really trade only. We have seen 4over and others enter into markets and then when we call on a new client, they say they are doing business with the trade house.
    Using trade houses to bridge production spikes and offer services that can’t be filled in your core plant seems like a good idea on paper, but if they can’t control their subcontractors, how good is their guarantee of client protection?
    Still think a consortium of printers working together is a much better solution, if you are going to physically print. If you are "marketing solutions provider", well maybe it works. Either way, if 4over is your source for print, this would put a big question mark by them. A lawsuit is just an other way of saying "my process control doesn’t work."

  • PrintBroker

    Information. Trust, integrity and loyalty are important to 4over; our customers need to know that we will take action to protect their information,” commented 4over’s CEO Zarik Megerdichian. "My question is why 4over has a link on its website to direct people to their REDTAG website which is targeting retail business. if they truly look after the trade customers, they can provide REDTAG web technolgy to their customers.

  • 4printsakes

    i agree redtag has directly impacted my online business and should have been givein to it customers to use and not put out there for everyone to get on it. I refuse to pay a large monthly payment to send customers to 4over direct and then have them choose who they want as there sales rep if i wanted an a affliate program i would make one myself. i have been almost at 4overs presidents club i mean right on the line several times and then my volume goes down because i loose another wholesaler or customer to redtag matter of fact i had a customer that was a wholesaler to me works in the automotive business but knows alot of people was doing about 2500 a month in sales what does he do goes and creates a fake name and website goes to 4over and gets a trade account no licence for print or anything in that name i contated 4over and what do they do they say everything checked out still to this day they want do anything about it and he still has no business licence or anything related to printing. i am still a 4over customer and did over 40000 last year in money to 4over but i really think this year i am going to start looking for alternative print services people that have my back as for zoo i dont deal with them only for ncr forms as 4over doesnt sell them but for eoncode dont know what the deal with this is but i have loved there services they helped me put together an awsome website that has been online and working great no its not a zoo site it is my own so get yours and move away form the redtag as it will hurt us all i was at the online round table meeting and i about lost my lunch when i herd them say they where putting it out there sorry for all the runons. if 4over would like to correct anything i have mentioned i will tell you who i am but otherwise i dont want to loose more business.