48HourPrint.com Creates Customer Advisory Council

BOSTON—August 9, 2011—Some companies try to guess what their customers want, but not 48HourPrint.com. As part of its customer-first approach, the online printing company has created the 48HourPrint.com Customer Advisory Council. The group represents key customer segments, including design firms, advertising agencies, marketing services and businesses of all sizes. Members of the council will meet periodically to provide feedback and guidance on products, solutions and initiatives that 48HourPrint.com is developing.

“Coupled with customer satisfaction surveys, customer interviews and primary research, the addition of the Customer Advisory Council will ensure that we continue to develop products and services that meet our customers’ needs,” said Andrew Gordon, vice president of sales, marketing and business development. “Our first meeting far exceeded our expectations. Our customers wanted to be there, offered to come as often as needed, gave us valuable insight into their requirements and shared many suggestions to fine-tune our strategy.”

Jacqueline Stahle, principal of Think Design and a council member, shared this enthusiasm. “The dedication of 48HourPrint.com staff is remarkable and is what separates 48HourPrint.com from other online printers. They care and customers can tell. That’s why we keep coming back and are willing to help the company however we can.”

“We are very impressed with how 48HourPrint.com is focused not only on producing great and consistent products, but also on the overall customer experience,” added fellow council member Candace Perreault of the Secret Agency Group. “We’re thrilled to be part of the process and look forward to how 48HourPrint.com continues to evolve and redefine the printing industry.”

48HourPrint.com recently released a mobile app that lets customers check the status of their orders and account information using their iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone. The company uses a streamlined online ordering process and offers more than 40 high-quality print products, as well as marketing analytics, variable data printing and mailing services for personalized direct mail campaigns.

“48HourPrint.com is more than a one-stop online print resource,” said Joe Solis of Wash Depot Holdings, Inc., also a member of the Customer Advisory Council. “It’s a service company that builds its business around consumers.”

The online printing company has been working on some new initiatives and has found the council’s feedback very helpful, said Gordon. “This will be an active program to ensure they are participating in all steps of our decision-making process. We want to delight our customers.”

About 48HourPrint.com
48HourPrint.com, with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, and printing plants in Phoenix, Arizona, and Cleveland, Ohio, is a leading online printing services company offering high-quality printing and mailing services to businesses that value quality, speed and affordable prices. With a streamlined order process that is entirely online, and supported by experienced customer service professionals, 48HourPrint.com is setting the standard for quality online printing and service. 48HourPrint.com’s extensive product offerings, including business cards, postcards, brochures, banners, booklets and posters, can be ordered online 24 hours a day.

Source: 48HourPrint.com.

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