O’Neil Data Systems Upgrades Work to Color with HP Inkjet Web Press

PALO ALTO, CA—March 25, 2009—HP today announced that the successful first installation of the HP Inkjet Web Press at beta user O’Neil Data Systems has helped the Los Angeles-based financial and transactional print service provider enhance its business with a range of color print services.

“The O’Neil Database, Volumes I and II,” a reference title that is printed each week after the close of the stock market and then hand-couriered to portfolio managers the following morning, is among the publications the company will print on the HP Inkjet Web Press. The publication identifies 2,500 of the more actively traded stocks from the prior week and serves as a single-source reference to view the stock market, by sector or industry.

Published by William O’Neil + Co., Inc., a sister company to O’Neil Data Systems, “The O’Neil Database” – previously produced almost exclusively in black-and white on toner-based digital presses – is being transitioned to a full-color periodical produced largely on the HP Inkjet Web Press. This transition to color is expected to be completed by April 10.

O’Neil Data Systems has already begun printing several smaller William O’Neil + Co. publications on the HP Inkjet Web Press.

More horsepower with HP

“Our commitment to meeting essential deadlines while offering high print quality and full-color printing is the key to this transition,” said James Lucanish, president, O’Neil Data Systems. “The HP Inkjet Web Press gives us the horsepower of a 30-inch-wide digital press operating at 400 feet per minute in full color. The reliability and productivity gained with the press so soon after installing it give us the confidence to use it for products like ‘The O’Neil Database,’ where fast turnaround is a mission critical part of the publishing process.”

The print quality available with the press, as well as the introduction of four-color process printing, represents an important upgrade for the reference publication. “The O’Neil Database” consists of two 600-plus page volumes tracking five years’ worth of quarterly financial data for publicly traded firms in small type. The publication assembles information that would take hours to find through Internet stock research in a single place.

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