O’Neil Data Systems Upgrades Work to Color with HP Inkjet Web Press

Detailed charts in the publication offer historical data that is essential for portfolio managers, but can be difficult to read in a black-and-white format. A color upgrade was previously not possible, as the firm’s existing toner-based presses decrease in speed when used to print more than one color – something that would make printing the publications on Friday nights and delivering them to subscribers the following day impossible.

“We are able to print using standard, uncoated 50-lb. and 60-lb. media with the press, as well as light-weight, high-bright newsprint stock to achieve superior results,” said Mark Rosson, vice president, Sales and Marketing, O’Neil Data Systems. “Normally, with the font size as small as it is in this publication, you would expect the circles in a percent sign to appear as dots on an inkjet-based production device, but the text is clear and sharp with the press, and the color makes charts much easier to read.”

New revenue opportunities in transactional and health care documents

O’Neil Data Systems has also begun producing a range of transactional and health care documents for its clients on the HP Inkjet Web Press. The company prints statements and insurance benefits information that was previously restricted to monochrome digital printing because of the limited speeds and higher costs once associated with full-color production.

With the HP Inkjet Web Press enabling color, O’Neil Data Systems has new opportunities to upgrade transactional bills and statements into more valuable transpromotional printed pieces – statements and bills that also include higher-impact variable color marketing messages and images tailored to each recipient’s data profile. The firm also is testing the incorporation of digital color printing into benefits package packets, a process that could potentially make the packets easier to read, saving clients money by reducing the number of calls policyholders make to call centers in search of information.

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