O’Neil Data Systems Teams With HP at Customer Event (With Commentary From Erik Cagle)

PLANO, TX—May 21, 2014—O’Neil Data Systems has released two new solutions marking the kickoff of an international customer event with HP at its Plano, TX, facility from May 21-23. These product and service offerings include a digital perfect binding system and letter wrap system for mailings. O’Neil Data Systems also announced the acquisition of its tenth HP T-series press, the HP T410 color inkjet web press, making it the largest HP production inkjet printer worldwide.

“We’re excited to share our latest innovations with customers and other industry experts at this special event cosponsored with HP,” said James Lucanish, president of O’Neil Data Systems. “We’re a technology-driven company and rely on HP for providing us with the most advanced line up of presses, including our new HP T410 color inkjet web press. With a scalable web width up to 42″, we can produce high-volume orders faster, offer greater customization and achieve the same unsurpassed print and color quality. We set the bar high when it comes to exceeding customer expectations so unveiling our newest solutions alongside HP reflects our mutual commitment.”

O’Neil Data Systems has developed a one-of-a-kind digital perfect binding system that will intelligently bind personalized booklets at extremely high speeds. Working with VITS International, a variable repeat sheeting and finishing systems supplier based in Blauvelt, NY, and Kolbus, a bookbindery machine supplier headquartered in Rahden, Germany, O’Neil Data Systems combined two pieces of technology to create a unique solution allowing binding of up to 1,000 pages at faster speeds.

“There wasn’t a solution available to create a high-speed, perfect binding system sufficiently fast to meet our needs so we brought together two prominent companies to collaborate on making our vision of creating multiple book blocks at industry leading speeds a reality,” explained Steve Ellithorpe, vice president of operations, at O’Neil Data Systems.

The system eliminates duplicate processes and delays caused by changing out multiple paper roll feeds into the press during printing and prior to binding. Instead, using customized equipment to work with its HP T-series color inkjet web presses, multiple rolls can be fed continuously for uninterrupted printing resulting in binding speeds of up to three times as fast. Clients with large-volume projects can expect a much quicker turnaround and enjoy the same high-quality end results.

Deirdre Ryder, president and CEO at VITS International, noted: “Thanks to our partnership with O’Neil and Kolbus, we have created an innovative solution for high-volume, digital binding for personalized books. We are excited to be a part of this game-changing technology.”

Robert Shafer, president of Kolbus America, also added: “Our collaborative efforts have resulted in an industrial solution tailored to the specific requirements of O’Neil’s digital press platform. Kolbus is honored to be a trusted partner of O’Neil.”

O’Neil Data Systems is also introducing its new paper wrap envelope system that eliminates the need to mail client documents with preprinted envelopes. Instead, a single sheet is printed on both sides, folded, and sealed along three perforated edges. Digital technology enables variable printing and personalization both inside and out permitting an endless variety of color, images and messages. Convenient digital step up is also well-suited for print-on-demand projects.

The paper wrap envelope system is an ideal solution for high-volume mailings significantly reducing required material, time and costs. This includes large ID card mailings common to the financial and healthcare industries. ID cards can be easily attached within the letter wrap and securely sealed for ready mailing to expansive populations. O’Neil Data Systems developed this process in response to customer needs and employs its HP T-Series color inkjet web presses along with specially designed inserters manufactured by longtime vendor CMC Italia, a producer of intelligent inserting and paper wrap systems, based in Perugia, Italy.

“We are continually striving to innovate and lead the way when it comes to providing our clients with better solutions to strengthen their business and interact more meaningfully with customers,” said Lucanish. “We are leveraging our years of expertise in data management, communications and printing, and our latest product and service offerings will provide tangible benefits for our clients while moving our industry forward.”

About O’Neil Data Systems
O’Neil Data Systems is a leading provider of marketing communication and publishing solutions. Founded in 1973 by William O’Neil, a seasoned Wall Street veteran who also founded and publishes Investor’s Business Daily, the company originally produced time-sensitive investment research publications on publicly traded companies. In the mid-seventies, O’Neil Data Systems pioneered the field of automated composition and database publishing using advanced computer technology. Since that time, O’Neil Data Systems has grown into a national provider of data-driven publishing and marketing communication services for major U.S. organizations.

Source: O’Neil Data Systems.

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