ondemandcolor — Big Steps, Small Footprint

Pictured here, from the left, are ondemandcolor's co-presidents, Bob Beck and Chris Gravagna.

The Search for ‘Eco-Ink’

With the new press up and running, the company realized the necessity to re-evaluate its ink supply. Over the years, Gravagna had experimented with a variety of inks–continually searching for the right fit for his printing and personal needs. A man of strong convictions, he desired a product that would not only meet his expectations, but also help to take the company in a greener direction by having more eco-friendly qualities than what he’d used in the past. After researching the market, Gravagna found his perfect match with Van Son Vs3 series inks.

“A key deciding factor in selecting Van Son’s Vs3 inks was the fact that several of my mentors in the industry were using it, and were very pleased with its performance,” Gravagna explains. “Hearing the accolades of people that I respect made all the difference to me. The ink sets well on the sheet, dries well and gives vibrant colors.

“Additionally, Van Son has enabled us to stay true to our green initiatives with its eco-friendly vegetable- and soy-based inks–without having to sacrifice the level of quality our discriminating clients expect,” he adds. “Not only is the ink good for the environment, it’s great for our bottom line. It sets quickly on the sheet and is a stay-open ink, so it doesn’t have to be taken out of the fountains at the end of every day, which significantly increases our production time.”

Gravagna takes a lot of personal pride in ondemandcolor’s focus on promoting a green company culture. It is working to obtain FSC certification, recycles (all paper and aluminum), runs eco-friendly presses and lights the entire facility with energy-efficient light bulbs.

Today, ondemandcolor is focused on taking the necessary steps to continue its success in the years ahead. Gravagna reports that the future of the company will include online e-commerce markets–which will help create an automated process to further streamline workflow and improve productivity. He also sees great opportunity with Web-to-print, an online portal that keeps up with the client experience. Gravagna has since created www.printingresponsibly.com, an eco-friendly e-commerce printing Website.

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