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All About Marketing

Interestingly, Stämpfli feels that the marketing of the unit is the important part of the production equation. “It’s all about the marketing—and a little bit about technology,” he says.

Stämpfli takes the client communication component quite seriously. Since installing the DICOweb, he has conducted nine workshops with more than 60 customers to work out new integrated solutions. His objective: to analyze and improve the overall production of specific jobs jointly with the customer. The focus, he says, is not so much on the technology as it is on the process.

In many of the workshops Stämpfli found out that, for certain customers, personalization isn’t a requirement. They’re more concerned with dividing a long run into smaller segments, to better reach targeted groups.

Such segmented runs are one of the strengths of the DICOweb. Material costs for plates and for their processing, storage and disposal are eliminated. A complete makeready takes about 20 minutes, while a form change within a job can be accomplished in just 15.

Another strength of the system is the ability to produce runs of as small as 500 to 3,000 copies. Extended editorial and ad deadlines are another part of the DICOweb story at Stämpfli. The company’s publication customers are being informed that it is now possible to integrate new advertising or editorial pages up to one hour before run time.

The next commercial heatset DICOweb installation is set for MohnMedia AG in Gutersloh, Germany. Both heatset and coldset versions of the DICOweb are now available in North America.

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