On the Road — Documenting The Olympics

Xerox had been operating and testing its equipment in Salt Lake City for more than a year leading up to the event, he added. This includes operating a fully networked DigiCentre publishing center for the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee (SLOC).

Capable of producing 1.2 million impressions per month, it enabled SLOC to produce thousands of documents in-house, making it one of the largest reprographics facilities in Utah.

Learning Curve

Training was a critical factor, as well, given that there were roughly 30,000 volunteers and 5,000 Olympic staff involved, noted Mark Smiley, desktop analyst.

Xerox’s participation in the Olympics has a dual benefit, contended Dennis Frahmann, director of global event marketing. Graphic arts customers were invited to attend the Olympic games and to see the Xerox equipment in action. And, secondly, the Olympic sponsorship was used to build morale and pride among Xerox employees, as well as to reward top Xerox salespeople.

In fact, a seven-story mosaic banner, composed of photos of more than 17,000 Xerox employees from 59 countries, was created to hang in downtown Salt Lake City.

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