Report: Public Official Funneled Work to Printer

CLEVELAND—Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo has been charged with using his official position to funnel nearly $450,000 in county work to a printing company at inflated rates in exchange for contributions to Russo’s political campaign, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

Russo allegedly ticketed work to the unnamed printer between 2005 and 2007, despite the fact that the county has its own printing operation, the newspaper reported. An unnamed employee in the auditor’s office, believed to be Damir Blecic, reportedly has an interest in the printing company, and the Plain Dealer wrote that Russo hired a number of Blecic’s relatives.

Russo resigned from his position on Thursday, before federal prosecutors charged him with 21 corruption-based crimes, according to the Plain Dealer. He is at the center of Cuyahoga County’s largest corruption investigation ever, which has led to more than three dozen public officials and private contractors pleading guilty to crimes.