Fake Fans, Fine Flubs and Ferrets —Cagle

The Durham County tourism office in the United Kingdom had a little egg on its face after printing 50,000 copies of a brochure that claimed early 20th century comedian Stan Laurel was born in that county (Bishop Auckland, to be precise), the London Telegraph reported. Problem: Laurel was born in Ulverston, Cumbria. Consult your Google maps to find out how far off they were.

There’s a statue of Laurel in Bishop Auckland’s town square, touting the fact that he had lived there during his youth. Despite being baptized at St. Peter’s Church and schooled at King James Grammar, both in Bishop Auckland, Laurel was indeed born in Ulverston, Cumbria. Oops.

The urban legend will be perpetuated for a while longer, unfortunately. The tourism office will not be going back to press due to funding restrictions, according to the Telegraph. Perhaps Durham didn’t want to waste the brochures because they were printed on hardy stock. (Insert rim shot.)

A corrected version could go out next fall.

RAT PACK PRINTING: No matter where you work, there’s sure to be an annoying weasel or two that you just wish you could stuff under a press. But at Oxfordshire Print in the U.K., they endured a more literal situation with a runaway ferret bringing things to a halt.

Someone’s apparent pet ferret found its way inside Oxfordshire Print in September and hid, first underneath a table, then a press, according to the Oxford Times. Sadly, four workers—including a sales manager—spent 20 minutes trying to catch the critter. Now, the sales manager not doing anything productive for 20 minutes…that’s hardly breaking news. But work on leaflets and booklets came to a standstill while employees plied the skinny rat with food and water.

The creature was captured and placed in a cat box, the Times reported. Employees believed the ferret was someone’s pet and that it had wandered away from home, as the animal was not aggressive. More details as warranted.