Océ Previews Posterizer Point-Of-Sale Signage Solution at GlobalShop 2009

Engineered with the unique needs of retailers in mind, the Posterizer solution helps facilitate significant in-store advantages in four critical areas:

1. Cost Control: Back-office driven and highly intuitive, the Posterizer solution requires minimal on-site administration and no technical expertise – eliminating hidden staffing costs. Preset design templates facilitate cost effective in-store customization of POS signage. On-demand or on-schedule printing eliminates waste caused by unused signage. The print management function manages printing tasks for multiple formats and output devices, assuring efficient and productive use of resources. Accurate tracking of signage usage improves the recovery of co-op funds for retailers.

2. Real-time Accuracy: The Posterizer solution accommodates each organization’s unique profile, including company size and structure, existing IT systems and promotional strategies. It enables retailers to design and generate master templates for a full range of POS signage and to automate the calculation of prices, discounts, rebates, conversions and special offers by easily linking to existing data bases – ensuring accurate signage regardless of format. Access to up-to-the minute pricing, promotions, inventory status and bar coding information by store assures data integrity and eliminates the need for assumptions, simplifying store-level decision making.

3. Just-in-Time Flexibility: The Posterizer solution marries accurate back-office data with on-demand flexibility. With the ability to customize, print and hang POS signage within minutes at the store level, retailers can rapidly and cost-effectively respond to competitive opportunities and changing market conditions. Retailers also have the flexibility to create tailored POS signage tied to out-of-store or localized marketing efforts. Master templates can be easily populated with variable data, allowing for creative customization that drives localized sales impact while maintaining consistent messaging enterprise-wide.

4. Brand Management: POS templates generated by the Posterizer solution incorporate pre-determined design standards, logos and trademarks, images and illustrations, colors and fonts, helping retailers preserve brand identity across multiple stores and in multiple sign formats. These master templates are linked directly to company databases and catalogs, securing brand identity and data integrity.

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