Obama Campaign Hauls Printer into Court

WASHINGTON, DC—It seems President Obama’s re-election campaign is swapping out the now-famous “yes, we can” slogan for a more austere “no, you may not or I’ll take you to court.”

The campaign did just that, filing suit against DC-based Washington Promotions & Printing (and its Website, Demstore.com), alleging trademark and unfair competition violations via the sale of items featuring the “Rising Sun” logo used in Obama’s campaigns, Reuters reported.

The suit contends that Washington Promotions & Printing’s products will make consumers believe the company is associated with Obama for America, hurting the campaign’s ability to make money off of merchandise with the Rising Sun logo. Obama for America is seeking a court order to halt the sale of the products, along with an accounting and award of profits from the defendant, damages and attorney fees.

  • jperf

    Hasn’t the Obama campaign made enough money off of the use of this logo? Shouldn’t they be willing to share the wealth as they are asking everyone else to do? Instead of suing they should donate any profits over $250,000 to charitable causes.

  • ink

    being in the business of printing, if the rising sun is a trade mark than the print company should not use it except for the campaign but if not than soma oboma has found another way to screw an American once again!

  • Joy

    Before commenting, it is important for readers of this news to know whether or not the logo was designed by Washington Promotions & Printing. This will clarify who has rights to further use of the logo. Please clarify.

  • Heidie 1

    Typical of Obama and his administration. Anyway it reminds me of the rising sun on the Japanese Zero aircraft in WWII. Domination, Government control etc.