Oakland Printer Nailed with Pot Plants

OAKLAND, CA—Trade publications and printer associations have long advocated the merits of expanding into ancillary products and services. One product in particular, while it enjoys plenty of pent-up demand, probably doesn’t fall in line with traditional print complements such as mailing, fulfillment and Web-to-print. Nor is it an acceptable greening initiative.

Roughly 200 to 400 marijuana plants with a street value of $75,000 to $150,000 were discovered on the second floor of the Popular Printing facility here in Chinatown by a fire marshal conducting a routine check, according to the Oakland Tribune. Two men and a woman, all in their 50s, were detained on suspicion of cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale, the paper reported.

Since the printer is located across the street from a recreation center that promotes programs for children, the charges could be raised.

All hope may not be lost for the company. Someone associated with Popular Printing produced a medical marijuana grower certificate. The legitimacy of the certificate was being investigated by police.

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  • http://Harvey Harvey

    It’s obvious that they were going to convert the plants into hemp and make paper out of it. Maybe even rolling papers? Nice that they produced a certificate to grow the plants. Now that NJ joined the few states with Medical Marijuana distributors, I’ll have to get a prescription from my doctor for this hangnail that is bothering me.

  • http://Mark Mark

    I would like to wish Popular Printing all the good fortune that the universe can send them.