Nies/Artcraft Consolidating Two Facilities into One ‘Environmentally Aware’ Building

ST. LOUIS, MO—May 9, 2012—After operating out of three sites for many years, Nies/Artcraft, a Consolidated Graphics company, will consolidate two of its current facilities into a single, new location. The company executed a lease on ­­April 2, 2012 for a new building located at 3049 Chouteau Ave., St. Louis, MO.

Valcour, Nies/Artcraft’s digital print production facility located in Valley Park, MO, and the company’s fulfillment center, located on Fyler Ave. in St. Louis, will move into the new building in phases, to ensure uninterrupted service for Nies/Artcraft customers.

The building was designed and built by Clayco, and includes 103,519 square feet of flexible work space. Numerous locations were considered for the move, but one of the winning qualities of the Choteau location was its open layout. By having a completely open floor plan, Nies/Artcraft’s production management team was able to work with Clayco to create a layout specific to its work flow needs.

“The benefits of being able to design a workspace, rather than having to try and fit your work into a space, are substantial. From providing estimates to shipping finished products out the door, the streamlined production workflow enabled by the Choteau facility will allow us to work much more efficiently,” explained Nies/Artcraft President James Hill.

“Our facility consolidation will improve the way we collaborate with one another and with our clients, creating a great new customer experience. We are excited to be taking this step forward and looking forward to completing our move in September of this year,” Hill added.

Another winning quality of the building is its environmentally conscious design: it is a silver LEED certified structure. LEED certification gives independent, third-party confirmation that a building, community, or home was designed and built using techniques geared toward achieving high performance in human and environmental health.

The environment is considered in all of Nies/Artcraft’s action,s from the inks used to an aggressive recycling program. This move further demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

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Nies/Artcraft, a Consolidated Graphics company, provides a wide array of marketing communications products and services. A comprehensive network of state-of-the-art technologies paired with over 100 years of outstanding service in the graphic communications industry, allow Nies/Artcraft to accommodate every client’s business and marketing needs.

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