Newspaper Associate Launches Advertising Campaign to Promote Readership

One of three ads in the “Smart is the new sexy” campaign. (Courtesy of Newspaper Association of America.)

ARLINGTON, VA—Oct 24, 2011—Newspaper Association of America (NAA) announced the launch of a new advertising campaign designed to promote the value of newspaper media. Created by The Martin Agency in Richmond, VA, the “Smart is the new sexy” campaign celebrates the distinctive editorial, advertising and community attributes delivered by newspapers.

Three different ads leverage a blend of engaging illustrations and entertaining anecdotes to reinforce the value of newspaper media among existing and prospective consumers. Highlighting the multiplatform experience that is today’s newspaper, QR codes and digital prompts link audiences to a campaign Web page where they are encouraged to share their own connection with newspapers through social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook.

“The newspaper brand remains very strong in the hearts and minds of consumers,” said NAA President and CEO Caroline Little. “The campaign speaks to the many reasons people value their newspapers, and to the various platforms through which newspapers deliver that value. It reinforces the enduring draw of our medium among established print audiences, while engaging new consumers who come to newspapers through their new digital formats.”

Mike Hughes, president of The Martin Agency, said about the campaign, “We’re delighted with the ‘Smart is the new sexy’ tagline: The truth is that being smart is important and attractive. As the country enters another big election year and Americans want to get even smarter, consumers of news and advertising need to know just how powerful and contemporary newspapers are in their many forms.”

The campaign comes on the heels of recent findings from comScore that indicate a 20 percent year-over-year increase in total visits to newspaper websites in the most recent survey period and double digit growth in other audience engagement categories.

Advertisers have long looked to newspaper media for the reach and key demographics they provide, and so NAA is accessing the power of the very medium it represents. The association will leverage its own membership base and the Newspaper National Network, an NAA affiliate, to execute the campaign. Initially, ads will run digitally and in print for six weeks in more than 1,000 newspapers, reaching an estimated 70 percent of U.S. adults, subscribers and nonsubscribers, an average of seven times.