Newest Version of Trueflow SE to Debut

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL—08/20/2009—Screen (USA) will introduce the newest version of Trueflow SE at PRINT 09 and also feature examples of Screen’s cutting-edge computer-to-plate (CTP) technology.

Trueflow SE ver. 7.0 PDF/JDF workflow

Trueflow SE ver. 7.0 ushers in a new optimized and enhanced imposition solution that is at once robust with innovative features and easy to use. Rich in functionality, Screen’s acclaimed PDF- and JDF-based workflow incorporates Adobe PDF Print Engine 2 to maximize reliability, flexibility and quality. Screen has added improved job functions to further streamline print production. In addition, Trueflow SE ver. 7.0 offers improved integration with other systems, such as postpress equipment and management information systems.

Trueflow SE ver. 7.0 provides flexible and highly automated CTP and digital printing press production using JDF-based job tickets. With Trueflow SE ver. 7.0, data and process management in a hybrid workflow are unified under a single system, immediately before printing begins. Production personnel can easily respond to changes, even last-minute changes in the number of copies required.

Trueflow SE ver. 7.0 integrates everything from the automated handling of incoming jobs to prepress production, proofing and output to different digital devices. Trueflow SE ver. 7.0 makes it possible to build an advanced automated workflow that encompasses the entire print production workflow, from management information systems to press and postpress processing.

PlateRite FX1524 large-format flexo CTP

The PlateRite FX1524 streamlines processing and improves print quality for a wide range of flexo printing applications, including labels, flexible packages, cartons and corrugated cardboard packages. Equipped with an innovative, high-output exposure head, the PlateRite FX1524 handles flexo plates, letterpress plates and thermal ablative film up to 42 x 60 inches. What’s more, the easy-loading mechanism securely mounts large-size flexo plates, increasing prepress efficiency and productivity.

The PlateRite FX1524 features a 64-channel laser imaging head and newly developed screening technology. It can image at resolutions of 2,400 dpi or 2,540 dpi. A high-resolution option enables imaging at 4,000 dpi. The platesetter images flexo plates at a maximum speed of 4 square meters (43.05 square feet) per hour. Flexo Dot, Screen’s halftone dots developed especially for flexo and letterpress printing, creates highlights that are optimized for platemaking and printing.

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