New Rollem Smart Technology Uses Visual Recognition for Automatic Separation of Digital Print Runs

ANAHEIM, CA—June 13, 2011—The VOS, Variable Output Separator is a smart batch-delivery system ideally suited for varying size runs requiring automated separation of products, such a photo prints and a wide range of other products. The unit visually recognizes and separates orders from within large print runs.

This system is ideal for production where the overall daily order volume is extremely high, but are made up of hundreds or thousands of small quantity orders (ie. greeging cards, photo prints, mailing pieces, business cards etc).

The VOS is used at the back of the Rollem finishing machines which are cutting, scoring, perforating and strike pattern perforating, folding, glueing, etc. at very high rates of speed. Rather than manually sort through the mountains of cut and processed material to break each order into individual sets, the VOS will see the last piece of the previous order and will advance, thus separating one job from the next and at that point allowing for easy removal in batch required order.

The system easily integrates with on-line packaging processes to create a completely automated production line. It is a bridge between high volume, low quantity production. A truly vital piece for the high-volume digital and variable-data market.

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Source: Rollem.

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