New Pathways to Profitability to be Explored at 2012 Vision 3 Summit

* Dr. Jeffrey Rosensweig, Director of the Global Perspectives Program, Emory University, and author of the critically-acclaimed “Winning the Global Game: a Strategy for Linking People and Profits,” on “The Global Economy-Opportunities and Challenges;”

* Charlie Cook, Washington, DC insider and publisher of “The Cook Political Report,” who will present a “Pundit’s Perspective: Inside the 2012 Elections;” and,

* Scott McKain, Vice Chairman, Obsidian Enterprises, Co-founder of The Value Added Institute, and best-selling author of “What Customers REALLY Want,” on “Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience.”

A variety of other compelling sessions will cover the breadth of graphic communication management concerns-from new media marketing methods and sales programs, and transforming your business for print profitability, to “hot” markets for future growth. Additionally, presentations of PRIMIR market research studies will reveal the “Evolution of the Commercial Printer” and “Impact of Electronic Technologies on Print.”

“Making informed business decisions during a time of great change can be challenging for business leaders, and given the complexity of today’s economic and business climate, this is truer than ever,” explained Ralph J. Nappi, President of NPES. “The Vision 3 Summit is designed to provide graphic communications executives with all the information they need, both a ’big picture’ overview and practical tactical information to make informed decisions that will not only sustain their business but be best positioned to take advantage of new profit opportunities.”

Valued as much for its networking opportunities as for its high caliber presentations, the Vision 3 Summit brings together-in one place, at one time-top executives from among the industry’s leading graphic communications service providers and vendors into an environment that fosters open dialogue and straightforward discussion. And, for all attendees, spouses and guests, a number of receptions and recreational outings will also be available.

For more information about the Vision 3 Summit, sponsorship opportunities and to register, visit The Vision 3 Summit offers discounts for multiple registrations from the same company.

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