New Facility, Sundays for Cox

ST. PETERSBURG, FL—Cox Target Media is ushering in its new $200 million, 500,000-square-foot facility here with the installation of two eight-color Goss Sunday 4000 web presses with Automatic Transfer (AT) technology to produce its Valpak direct marketing products. The facility is slated to open in 2007.

The non-stop print production system does not have to stop for job changeovers, and four-color job changes will be done every 12 minutes, according to Jim Sampey, executive vice president of operations for Cox Target Media. The company hopes to more than double the 20 billion targeted direct mail coupons it produces annually for the national Valpak program.

“We plan to run the AT presses around the clock, without stopping for makereadies,” Sampey remarks.

The technology will enable Cox to take four printing units off impression and bring the other four units on impression, allowing four-color job changeovers while the press is running.

A finishing system will convert the printed paper web traveling at 2,500 fpm into cut and collated coupons. Robotic cranes running on monorails will then place the coupons in an eight-story storage system, pick the proper coupon batches from storage, assemble the envelopes around the coupons and deliver the finished products onto mail trays.

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