New Executives–Leading by Example

The following new chief officers at Top 500 companies reveal their corporate strategies.


EU Services, Rockville, MD

EU Services, a full-service printing and mailing company, has enjoyed much success since it first opened its doors 30 years ago, and for the new president, Karen Allen, the biggest challenge will be to continue that legacy.

In 1984, Allen’s first job within the printing industry was with EU Services as its controller. Allen worked her way up to president this past July, and feels as though her financial background provides her the proper background to run the company.

“By understanding what goes on behind the numbers, I can better assess the needs and strengths of each department. In addition, when I started with the company, there were only 100 employees and we were doing $10 million in sales. I’ve been around through the implementation of new equipment, the building of new facilities and the expansion of our business.”

Today, EU Services employs 450 and generates more than $40 million in revenues. Allen plans to continue the company’s direction of placing emphasis on individual customer relationships and the tailoring of products and services to the specific needs of its clientele.

“In the future, we can capture an even bigger share of the market. We’ve always had steady growth, and I see that continuing, but now we will focus on what differentiates us from competitors—our shared expertise, client education programs and consultation on different projects.”

Much of this, she explains, will be done through an experienced sales group and through marketing efforts that include newsletters, seminars and informational bulletins.

“EU Services has always been an industry leader. We were awarded the NAPL Hall of Fame award this past year, its highest honor. I’m proud of our success, but continuing that success becomes an increasingly bigger challenge with today’s cutthroat competitiveness and the growing impact of technology on the industry.”

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