Canada Resorts to Printing Plastic Money

ONTARIO, CANADA—As counterfeiters become more and more sophisticated at creating funny money, some governments such as our neighbors to the north are taking their game to the next level. Canada, like more than 30 countries worldwide, is introducing plastic money in an attempt to thwart counterfeiters.

Bank of Canada will begin issuing the currency made of polymers instead of traditional cotton paper starting with the $100 bill in November. New $50 and $20 bills are slated for release in 2012, with the $10 and $5 notes to come the following year.

According to CNN, security and verification features include raised ink in the numerals and the featured portrait, color-shifting images embedded in the large window, and a number hidden in the maple leaf window. The new bills will be the same size and colors as their paper counterparts, but thinner and lighter.