New Business Structure For Vertis

BALTIMORE—Vertis Inc. has announced a new corporate structure that focuses on six distinctive business units in the U.S. to deliver the company’s full range of services.

The six business units are: Vertis Advertising Production Services, Vertis Retail & Newspaper Services, Vertis Direct Marketing Services, Vertis Media & Marketing Services, Vertis Newspaper Premedia Services and Vertis Digital Production Services.

“Our goal is to make Vertis the preferred choice for integrated advertising and marketing solutions, both in the U.S. and internationally,” states Donald Roland, CEO.

“In creating Vertis, we have brought together several strong brands that previously existed as separate entries. This new structure recognizes and builds upon their complementary strengths and creates new synergies.

“Through these six business units, we will enhance our already significant capability to provide customers with integrated programs that include consumer media research, media planning, creative services, state-of-the-art digital media production, comprehensive direct marketing services and much more,” adds Roland.

A provider of integrated advertising and marketing solutions with 160 locations in the U.S. and Great Britain, Vertis is the new name for the 10,000-employee company formed by the integration of several established brands in printing, advertising and marketing, including The LTC Group, TC Advertising and Webcraft.

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