MS Lawmaker Caught Funneling Work to His Printing Firm

FLOWOOD, MS—A Mississippi representative has been told to repay the state nearly $350,000 in public printing contracts that were awarded to his family business and pay a $50,000 fine for the dealings, the Clarion Ledger reported.

The accused lawmaker, Republican Rep. Kevin McGee, is one of several family members who own Service Printers, based here. An anonymous tip led the state’s Ethics Commission to investigate, and it found that 258 contracts between state agencies and the printing company were in violation of ethics laws, the paper reported.

State law forbids legislators from doing business with state government, as the legislature decides how money is spent through appropriations.

Between January 2008, when McGee first took office, and August 2011, Service Printers provided work for 26 state agencies.

  • Paul

    Nice to see another one of our illustrious representatives lining his pockets thru our tax dollars.
    How about sending Rep. McGee to Jail? How about taking away his pension? A fine is only
    a slap on the wrist that does NOTHING!!!
    Until our government "wakes up", this will be allowed to continue. I applaud the whistle blower for doing the "right" thing.

  • Tom the printer

    I understand the $50,000 fine, but why the $350,000 fine? Was the print product not received? If it was received, & the fine is paid will they return the product?
    The $350,000 is way out of line – was the pricing reasonable?
    Enquiring minds want to know….

  • XIL Printer

    Rep McGee is a fine man. His company has been doing business with the state over the past 30 years. He was also the Production manager and over half of the agencies who they did business with and who were interviewed had never heard of him. It was a witch hunt and all jobs were open bid, to say he funneled work to his business is reckless journalism.

  • wow

    Can’t beat the good ‘ol boy system.