Q&A with Joe Truncale: The NAPL’s Game Plan

Joe Truncale, NAPL president and CEO.

IN AN era of consolidation, including among associations, some observers have called for a merger between Printing Industries of America (PIA) and the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL). Michael Makin, president and CEO of the PIA, went as far as to extend an invitation to the NAPL to consider conducting merger negotiations.

Joe Truncale, Makin’s counterpart at NAPL, declined the invitation.

Should PIA and its membership feel slighted? Not necessarily. According to NAPL’s president and CEO, the association is moving in new and exciting directions with its consultative approach, not the least of which has been its M&A Advisory Service. Truncale also didn’t rule out the possibility of collaborating with PIA on future projects. For now, however, the NAPL is loathe to stray from its carefully mapped out game plan.

Senior Editor Erik Cagle spoke with Truncale to get a handle on what the NAPL is thinking as it formulates an evolving value proposition for its membership.

PI: How have the needs of membership companies changed in the past 18 months?

JOE TRUNCALE: NAPL members continue to seek advice and guidance on managing their operations, now more than ever. We are seeing an increased need for more customized solutions instead of “one-size-fits-all” programming. We will be announcing the rollout of NAPL’s Customized Consulting Program (this fall).

PI: What was the genesis behind the recent consultative tact taken by NAPL?

TRUNCALE: We believe that our content and programming are on target and focused on helping entrepreneurial leaders manage their businesses more effectively.

As a vital part of NAPL’s array of services, our consulting practice gives NAPL members access to a collaborative brain trust that is unique in our industry. We believe that our consulting team allows us to engage with our member-clients in a personal, deeper and more substantive way depending on their particular needs, goals and, of course, budgets.

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